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Western Civilization

BrimWood Press is dedicated to providing thought-rich, visually stimulating materials that enable children to grasp essential concepts of learning through pioneering methods that engage the whole child.

Two Ways to Purchase BrimWood Press Products
Individual Products
    Individual products are a great way to:
  • Supplement your existing history curriculum with hands-on, visually rich materials.
  • Teach worldview (world religions and philosophies) to the whole family in a few short lessons
  • Save on the budget
  • Sample BrimWood Press products
Bundles & Sets
    The Tools for Young Historians - Complete Kit is highly recommended for:
  • A summer school program
  • Families just getting started with classical education who have at least one child in 5th to 8th grade.
  • Families who love classical education but don’t exactly have “classical” children.
  • Our visually rich, hands-on curriculum caters to “out of the box” learners.