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Christian Theology and Ancient Polytheism


In addition to publishing materials, we also provide a series of seminars for groups of twenty or more on the following topics:

"Making 5,000 Years of History Memorable in 60 Minutes"
Our crash course in Western Civilization simplifies history’s scope and sequence into a single memorable story. This interactive, fast-paced seminar for adults and teens spans Sumerian through modern times.

This seminar’s objective is to build parents’ understanding of the flow of Western history and confidence in teaching this crucial subject to their children.

The effectiveness of this seminar comes through the multi-sensory approach we use. Participants are invited to don one of twelve historical hats. As a group, they are challenged to identify the cultures they represent and line the hat wearers up in chronological order. There’s lots of laughter and learning about a subject that can seem daunting for the homeschooling parent

"Teaching History well in a Co-op Setting without Running Moms Ragged"

"A Young Historians Introduction to Worldview"

"Providing Journalism Instruction and Publication Opportunities for home schooled high school students"

For more information about these seminars please contact: