Worldview for Young Historians
A Young Historian's Introduction to Worldview

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A Young Historian's Introduction to Worldview

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In four lessons, students and their families gain a solid working understanding of what worldview is, how it impacts culture and history, and its importance to their lives personally. Rather than studying individual belief systems, the guide helps students understand the basic beliefs of four worldview families. Contained within each family is a variety of specific religions and philosophies. Through learning about worldview families, specific religions and philosophies can be understood in light of their "family resemblances". 

This product uses hands-on activities to simplify and teach abstract concept of worldview. Students wrap up four different boxes, using unique papers that depict the basic beliefs of each worldview family. They cutout and create cardstock lenses which state in simplified terms the basic beliefs of each worldview family. The guide incorporates the use of four different stories, one fiction and three historical; to illustrate the powerful impact worldview has on the world we live in. 

The guide includes a eighty six-page workbook, nine pages of cardstock, precut wrapping papers and three six by six boxes.

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 "A Young Historian's Introduction to Worldview might well be the most practical and creative tool for teaching the concept of worldview to students in grades 5 through 8.... I particularly like the discovery approach used to lead students into worldview concepts. By raising questions and working through activities, students are led to explore their own beliefs and recognize the important questions they need to ponder."-- Cathy Duffy, 
Author of "100 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum", 

"Some Christian families, aware of the importance of understanding their faith as a total worldview, rush to teach their childrenworldview analysis before their children are ready for such abstract concepts. Fortunately, Marcia Brim knows how foundational sound theology is for worldview analysis, and what's more she recognizes the power of story. In this wonderful curriculum, she weds theology to story to prepare middle school students to launch into deep waters of worldview analysis. And what a preparation it is! Homeschool families will benefit greatly from Christian Theology and Ancient Polytheism." --Jeff Baldwin, Worldview Academy, 

"I'm very impressed by the study. This would be a great compliment to the worldview classes that our pastor teaches at our homeschool academy." - MC