About Us

In 2004, our homeschooling family founded BrimWood Press to share the tools Marcia Brimand resources we developed to teach our children history, worldview and the timeline. The inspiration for this first line of BWP resources came to us while perusing our library’s bookshelves. With three children in tow, a single story spanning 5,000 years of history found its way into my hands. The story of how the Western calendar developed proved an educational boon for my children and countless other homeschool families since.

Teepee Time with GrandmaNow our daughter is married and planning to homeschool her children. As her homeschooling mama, I couldn’t be more delighted. And in my rambunctious grandson, Ezekiel, I have found a new burst of inspiration for a second generation of homeschool products all built around a teepee.

The teepee idea began as a means to bring rhythm and respite to the homeschool day. Now this amazing shelter is becoming a curriculum to teach children how to sew, start a business, and master all the geometry and trigonometry a teepee invites us to learn. I’ve also discovered another effective way to teach a summer program of history and worldview through those Native Americans whose lives revolved around the teepee. 

Exploring our site and You-Tube videos, you’ll be amazed at just how far a family can go on a story and a teepee.

Stay tuned for more information on our teepee curriculum develops.