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Historical Fact Sheets Download

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Historical Fact Sheets(HFS) categorize history’s events into 18 different forms that guide students in capturing summary information about topics studied. 

Do you ever feel like your children are learning more than their history binder contains? Or, perhaps you are looking for an additional method to vary how your child records his or her acquisition of history. Historical Fact Sheets provide a new and easy method for documenting historical learning.

Through HFS, history's events are categorized into eighteen different forms that enable children to organize, identify and summarize the most important information they learned about an event, person or culture. Sample titles of these forms include Wars and Revolutions, Great Inventions and Political Events.

The questions within each form help students capture facts and develop summarization skills. Opportunities for student art or clip art are also included on each HFS.

Special Features:
The forms are provided on disc in two formats—wide rule and college rule for the varying levels of handwriting skill in your family. Each fact sheet contains an illustrated pen and ink drawing depicting the topic. These small drawings correspond with the icon pictures your child will use to apply this person, event or culture to the timeline The forms vary in length from one to two pages. They can be used as an additional option to outlining and essays.

We now have HFS as forms where you can fill in the fields on your computer and then print them out. The Fact Sheets provide wonderful art space for the budding artist.

Free Download Samples:
Sample Historical Fact Sheet