World history through the history of the calendar

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Calendar Quest Collection

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 What can a calendar teach us?

The creation of the calendar, like that of every important human invention, comes with its own story and cast of characters. But rather than actual inventors, the calendar’s contributors were priests and popes, kings and presidents, mathematicians and astronomers. By studying these characters, each in their own time and place, they become our guides to learning the larger story of the development of Western Civilization.

The story of the calendar spans 5000 years. Its fourteen contributors offer a handy framework for grasping the chronological flow of the cultures and periods that shaped the world in which we live.

Our Calendar Quest Collection offers books and hands-on activities that enable the whole family to commit to memory the chronological flow of 5,000 years of history in sixteen delightful lessons.

This collection includes: the novel – Calendar Quest, some comprehension tests – Kenny Quizzes, sixteen lessons – What Every Child Needs to Know about Western Civilization, and a coloring page layout for each era of Western Civilization – Color the Western World.

Kenny Quizzes are free with purchase of this collection.