Grammy B and the Teepee Pricing and Registration Information

Why Sign Up Now? 
Space is limited. To keep this program interactive and personal, only 16 students will be invited to participate in the first session. Don't miss this opportunity.
Introductory Pricing
By joining us now, you'll receive the lowest price ever offered for this course. This price is limited to the first sixteen students enrolled. For these students, parents will receive 50% off an entire year's tuition.
Standard Tuition Cost (30 weeks per student) $1800
Introductory Tuition Cost (30 weeks per student) $ 900*
Application Fee $ 100
Estimated Materials Cost $ 250**
Additional Textbook Purchases Required $     0
*This unbelievably low price is offered in exchange for permission granted by the parent to use student work and photographs in future BrimWood Academy marketing materials.
Payment Plans are available.
**No equipment or supplies needed in advance. Obtaining necessary supplies, including a sewing machine, are part of the work the class will perform together. $125 of the estimated $250 materials cost, must be set aside by the parent for the student as investment capital. From the "bank of mom and/or dad", students will purchase requisite supplies and equipment to establish their custom teepee making business.
Student Requirements 
  • At least 11 years old, but not older than 15 years by September 30, 2020
  • Homeschooling by September 2020
  • Watched the introductory student video [Student video not yet available]
  • Interested in the hands-on, interactive problem-solving approach used by Grammy B
  • A table space is available in the home where the student can sew
  • Has access to reliable internet via, computer, I pad or phone at least one afternoon per week
Next Steps
Step 1: Fill Out the Contact Form

Send your additional questions to Grammy B. She usually responds the same day. As a thank you for expressing interest in our program you will receive the bonus offered below.

Step 2: Schedule an Interview with Grammy B using Calendry 
Once convinced this is the perfect program for your son or daughter, go to Calendry and schedule a personal interview between you, your child, and Grammy B for introductions, questions and acceptance into BrimWood Academy.
As a gift of appreciation for considering our program, you’ll receive two amazing coloring pages designed by artist Mary Ferris and created exclusively for BrimWood Academy. These beautiful, intricately designed pages are perfect for a quiet afternoon of mindful creativity! 
“I’m thrilled to be able to offer this exclusive program for a select group of motivated students. I look forward to hearing from you.” -- Grammy B