Worldview and Genesis
Conversations From the Garden - 40 Days to Build a Biblical Worldview

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Conversations From the Garden - 40 Days to Build a Biblical Worldview

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BrimWood Press's previous worldview products were designed as tools for families of virtually any faith or philosophy. They were offered to Christian families under the assumption that their ten to thirteen-year-olds possess a fundamental grasp of the Christian faith. Sadly, years of teaching have revealed this age group's largely inadequate understanding of the character of God and the nature of man. 

Our new study guide addresses this weakness through the foundational theology of Genesis 1-3. Conversations from the Garden aims to bolster the Christian young person's knowledge of his faith and to help him explore its implications. 

The description on the back of this guide reads as follows:

Conversations from the Garden is a tool for building Christian thinkers. It prompts conversation with questions from the first three chapters of the Bible. Share these conversations within your family or in other group settings. 

They will be especially valuable for young people - those who are still shaping their worldview. This tool elevates God's story - his epic narrative. Rather than focusing on creation science, Genesis 1-3 is treated as seed plot for the entire Bible. Every major theme, every astounding revelation, every big idea in Scripture begins its trajectory from this text. 

It is indeed the foundation of a Christian worldview. Rather than spoon-feeding answers, the questions will put you through a bracing thinking process. This guide will be your "Socratic friend", prodding and stimulating your mind as you ponder the ways of God. 

In this product there is material for approximately 40 dinner table discussions. However, this book may also be used for many other group settings such as Sunday schools, youth group and Christian school classroom. 

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