Historical Novels Collection

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Historical Novels Collection

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This Collection Contains: Secret Of the Scribe, Beneath the Cat's Claw, The Jeweled Astrolabe, and Rebel on the Path 

As an exciting follow-up to our worldview course for 5th through 8th grade students, BrimWood Press has commissioned a new series of historical novels called Engaging Thinkers. Within the setting of each novel, your child will discover worlds virtually devoid of Christ, and main characters whose encounters with life struggles cause them to think deeply about their existence and beliefs. 

As your child thoughtfully evaluates each character's worldview and choices, he or she will gain fresh insights and a deeper understanding of "the hope that lies within us." 

This series includes one novel for each of the chronological periods of history: ancient, medieval, early modern and modern. Each story highlights the beliefs of a different worldview family: polytheism, monotheism, naturalism and pantheism. All are guaranteed to prompt thoughtful family discussions. 

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Sample of Beneath the Cat's Claw
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