COMING SOON! Teepee Collection

In the Nineteenth century, teepees dotted the western plains, inspiring numerous landscape artists. Today these ingenious Native American shelters are inspiring a whole new line of homeschool products. The teepee, like the calendar, will prove an educational boon for homeschooling families looking for:

  • Help for schooling multiple ages with little ones in the mix
  • A hands-on geometry and trigonometry tutorial for the gifted and the challenged
  • An entrepreneurial course geared to 5th to 10thth grade students
  • A summer school history and worldview program based on Native Americans
  • A sewing course that emphasizes character development

      This fall, BWP’s Teepee Collection begins with the release of a series of YouTube instructional videos. Marcia Harris Brim teaches students ages eight to eighteen how to sew a teepee. Those who’ve never sewn before will learn how to create these play structures in various sizes and dimensions, so that a teepee is just right for a toddler or tall enough for a boy scout.

      You might ask, why sewing, when there’s easier ways to build a teepee?

      Sewing is a craft. Honing a craft provides excellent opportunities to build character. Competency requires practice and following instructions. A student must persevere to the project’s end and exercise patience with a project’s setbacks.  And because BWP’s YouTube course focuses on the repetition of making various kinds of play structures, sewing teepees becomes a practice. The things we practice shape our character.

      For homeschooling families, sewing teepees could also become a significant shaper of the education happening in your home. This is especially true if you have:

      • Children five years or under, or
      • High school students learning advanced math, or
      • Ten to 15 year olds with energy to burn on a constructively outlet, or
      • Or all of the above

            A finished teepee facilitates Teepee Time for Toddlers: a positive way to bring rhythm and rest to the homeschool day, along with some undistracted time for teaching older children. Our upcoming YouTube video will teach parents how to effectively pace your homeschool day around the needs of your toddlers.

            In early 2020 constructing customized teepees will become the basis of a high school level hands-on math course in geometry and trigonometry. Creating a teepee out of five trapezoids (four-side quadrilaterals), students sew together the shape of the space capsule that brought astronauts home from the moon.  “Teepee math” will teach applied mathematics used by NASA engineers, airplane pilots, surveyors, builders, community site planners, satellite companies, and home owners taking down a backyard tree.

            In addition, in 2020 we’re planning to release an entrepreneurial course. Learning how to sew and customize teepees creates an excellent opportunity for kids to start their own business. Because small children love teepees, a ready customer base exists for these play structures across the country. And since starting a business requires learning more math, we’ve come up with some exciting plans for students as young as ten to grapple with the basics of business math.

            In short, daily rhythm, advanced math, and the potential for a budding business are all made possible inside a teepee that requires a lot of perseverance to make.

            In 2021, we’ll be releasing our second adventuresome summer school program for the whole family focusing on how Native Americans lived, their history and their worldview.

            To be among the first to check out Marcia’s You-tube channel, please subscribe to our BWP newsletter where you’ll learn more about what’s in the making at BrimWood Press. Join us on the journey. You’ll be amazed at how far we can go with a teepee.