Worldview Collection

 The Worldview Collection includes seven books that help build a Christian perspective on the world. Rather than unfolding sequentially, they approach worldview from various angles.

Conversations in the Garden uses Socratic dialogue to explore foundational biblical texts to form a Christian understanding of the world. While discussions fostered by the book flow out of Genesis 1-3, the questions do not focus on science and when the world began. Books abound on young and old earth Creation. Instead Conversations encourages families to explore what this passage says about goodness, truth and beauty and why life matters even after the fall.

A Young Historian’s Introduction to Worldview defines and explains to 5th to 8th grade students the concepts behind differing individual and cultural worldviews. This introduction presents in a hands-on manner the beliefs and distinguishing ideas of the four basic worldviews: monotheism, polytheism, pantheism and naturalism. This course maintains a tone of neutrality that enables the child to conclude for him or herself that Christianity is the true worldview.



Historical Novels for Engaging Thinkers provide four contrasting worldviews lived out by four youthful, non-Christian protagonists. Their stories provide wholesome material with which to compare and contrast other beliefs to Christianity, using the skills taught in the worldview introductory course.


This collection also includes an in-depth comparison of Christian theology to ancient Polytheism (CTAP). Why spend time contrasting Christian belief with paganism? After all, it isn’t likely your son or daughter will be tempted away from Jesus by a neighborhood Baal or Isis worshiper. Understanding paganism is important because idolatry is alive and well in our fame-driven, social media culture that glorifies and normalizes the idols of self and celebrity. How should Christians live out the commandment, “Have no gods before Me” in such an environment? Believing youth in Daniel’s day had to count the cost (think fiery furnace). Because most Christians in the western world do not suffer for their faith, Christian youth have few opportunities to witness genuine faithfulness, the kind tried by fire.  Christian Theology and Ancient Polytheism examines the underlying beliefs and lives of authentic believers who serve as worthy role models for those striving to be like Christ.